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Welcome to HOME tiny HOUSE

After watching countless hours of tiny house videos on YouTube, as well as the stories of the people living on them and the lifestyle they had, focusing more on experiences and adventures rather than accumulating stuff, I decided that was the way I was planning to live. So I started looking at the prices of tiny houses on YouTube videos and the most popular tiny house builders, but they were all close to 70 or 80k sometimes ever as high as 100k, which I found to be to step, almost in the range of a regular home. So I gathered some people and started building my first tiny house myself. Currently we are a small group of tiny house builders and designers based in Mexico and shipping to all USA. Since the beginning, we decided to be different to any other tiny house builder out there, creating modern high quality tiny house builds for an tiny price. We are currently about 30 to 40% lower in price and our tiny houses have great quality materials and finishes as shown in our tiny house video walk through.

This year, as we are getting more and more emails and questions regarding tiny house living and financing, I decided to start a small blog and YouTube Channel covering tiny house topics and answering some questions we receive the most. We will make the videos short and sweet with the things we had learned among the way. Please check it out and subscribe, we are posting a new blog article and video at least every Wednesday. Sit down and enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOR7MW4MBJ_qgUFHh7z_WA

-Fernando S