Building Tiny Homes for Tiny Prices

Yes, yes we know, another boring story about us… Well let´s talk about you for a moment. Why do you want a tiny home? There are really small, not enough space as a traditional home and quite hard to adapt at first. Well maybe you are looking for a less expensive alternative. Maybe you want to stop paying expensive rents. Maybe you just like the freedom to be able to move around. There are many tiny homes for sale around, but we want to be the your dream tiny house builder. We will help you design your dream tiny happy place where life is your main possession and not some useless crap.

So, who are we?

We are a team of tiny house builders with passion for tiny houses based in Mexico. We believe that most of our current urban and social problems are because we are losing contact with nature and other people. Urban planning without human scale creates cities in which human connection is harder and harder to get. Current social and economic systems are leading to unethical space and land distributions. Big houses and mansions where people recluse themselves from the world and others. We believe that a simple life with less of the useless stuff and more in connection with nature and people can lead to a great improvement in life quality and personal development. We design and build our tiny homes with people in mind and the possible impact it will have in their lives. We use the best materials and because labor is cheaper in Mexico we can provide the best prices in the market. We achieve this by building most of the tiny houses with specialized workforce in our enclosed manufacturing plant. If you ever though or visualized yourself living in a tiny house, now is your chance, feel free to book a call with us or send us a mail at [email protected]


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When would you be able to start my tiny home?
We fill spots on a first come first serve basis with a deposit.  Once
contacting us we will let you know if there is an opening available and how much to deposit, which is usually around 15-20%. 

How long does it take to build my tiny home?
Typically 4-6 months.

What sizes do you build?
24 – 40 foot tiny homes.
They are usually 8 or 8.5ft wide for easy travel convenience.

Are they RV certified?
Short answer no, RV certification is for temporary or recreation vehicles only, while we build incredible high quality tiny houses that are intended for permanent living.

Why do you build your tiny homes in Mexico?
Mexico has cheaper specialized labor cost, which allow us to build fully equipped tiny homes that would cost around 80,000 to 110,000USD for a fraction of the price (around 40% less) this allows us to offer great quality tiny homes for a tiny cost .



–  First and most importantly because we build each and every house as if it was our own. We take into account all the small details that make a great difference in a tiny house. All of our tiny house trailers are professionally built by a national trailer manufacturing company to meet DOT standards and titled. They are also designed to give you the most interior space possible, still meeting all regulation limits.

–  We have 10+ years building traditional homes, commercial and industrial builds prior to tiny homes.  We
are now solely a tiny house builder with a full time crew in our personal
in climate controlled warehouse which allows your home to stay dry and
clean during the entire build process as well as stay on time because
there are no weather delays.

Our Simple 6 Step Process

Book a Call

Book a call with one of our professional tiny house builder to get to now your personal unique needs

Down payment

Separate your dream home with just a 5% of the total. Pay the rest when delivered.


Our team of professional architects will design a plan layout proposal


You will be able to make personal changes to make your house perfectly adapted for your needs.


Our tiny house builder team will start the construction phase. You will receive constant notifications and pictures of the progress

Receive your Tiny House

Receive your own personalized tiny home ready to be used!


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